Graduate Comments

CAITLIN JACOBS – Online Testimonials

“I’ve taken other online writing classes before and gained a few useful insights here and there, but this class does more than just lecture–it gives you tools and forces you to practice using those tools. Then it shows you how to incorporate those tools into writing an actual story. I felt welcomed and supported in every stage of the class and am thrilled at how my writing network has expanded from this class.  I was astounded at the amount and quality of the critiques I received from the instructor and my classmates on assignments I turned in. I learned so much from them! And I was just as astounded at the amount and quality of critique I was giving to other students–I’d been giving critiques for years, but this class taught me how to look at the big picture and spot problems in an outline before a draft is even written.

“I cannot recommend this class enough–it is vital for anyone looking to create fiction that WORKS.”