Graduate Comments


“Barbara Ashford’s Emotional Resonance course was a game-changer for me. I have attended more than a dozen classes and courses on writing fiction, both online and bricks-and-mortar including (now) four Odyssey Online Writing Classes. The Odyssey Online classes offer by far the best value for money of all the courses I have taken–by a long way. You have to put the work in. As do your fellow students. But, importantly, as does the instructor. So there is no excuse not to up your game.

“Maybe, for me, Barbara’s class came at a particular time in my development as a writer. Having grasped (not least from other Odyssey Online classes) the basics of story structure and character arc, I found my prose conveyed a story as a series of events in cause and effect order, but did not fully engage the reader emotionally. Resulting in a typical critique of: ‘Nice idea but so what?’

“Well, Barbara’s class addressed exactly that question. How do I make the reader care? I am not the master of this yet, but Barbara has taught me what I need to know and do, and shown me the craft I need to practice in order to get there. To move up to the next level.”