Odyssey Class of 2001

Back Row: Jason Allard, Jim Hall, Danny Llinas, Pamela Metcalf-Harrington, Chris Dobe, David Corwell, Julia Hart, David Barr Kirtley
Middle Row: Jo Weddell, Susan Sielinski, Rob Bland, Darren Moore, Jeanne Cavelos
Front Row: Rebecca Shelley, Jennifer Weideman, Terry Brooks, Laurie Lemieux, Sarah Kelderman

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Rebecca Shelley

I learned more about writing in six weeks at Odyssey than I have struggling on my own over the last ten years.

Laurie Lemieux

Odyssey is a six-week writer’s boot camp. Military boot camp was easier, but Odyssey was an amazing experience that has pulled me from the writing plateau I was on. Now, I am climbing the mountain again.

Darren Moore

Odyssey is the best workshop I have ever attended. It has made me a faster, better, and more confident writer. Being so intimate with all the great guest writers has turned the tentative “I hope to be published someday” statement into “I will be published.”

Jason Allard

At Odyssey you’ll meet some great people and learn a great many things. Just don’t count on a great deal of sleep.

David Barr Kirtley

Odyssey is essential for increasing your awareness of common writing mistakes that drive editors crazy, mistakes that can sink your chances of publications, no matter how great your ideas, characters, or plots are.

Jim Hall

Odyssey is a wonderful experience that involves endless reading, sleepless nights, bleeding on every page you write. I’m so glad I came. Jeanne has provided us with the tools to hone our skills and shown us the amount and quality of work necessary to be successful in the highly competitive field. Odyssey has exceeded all my expectations.

David J. Corwell

Odyssey has taken years off my development as a writer. Every aspect of crafting fiction was covered with so much depth that I feel much closer to that elusive first publication credit. My writing has improved dramatically, to say the least!

Pamela Metcalf-Harrington

Be prepared for an informative, intense experience that’s guaranteed to improve your writing. Jeanne Cavelos is a great teacher who obviously loves what she does! You can’t help catching her enthusiasm.

Danny Llinas

Odyssey is six weeks of personal chaos: the ecstasy of finally having your story click, the angst of your story’s weaknesses pinpointed, the longing for home, and the desire that the experience will never end.

Julia Hart

You’ll work hard, play hard, and see a tremendous increase in your writing and self-editing skills. What you learn from your fellow students alone is worth the tuition. Add in Jeanne Cavelos’s thought-provoking lectures and six guest lecturers and you’ll take away years of learning through experience.

Rob Bland

If you want to know how Ulysses felt, I mean really felt, take this workshop.

Josephine Weddell

Odyssey will kick your ass, and you’ll love every minute of it.

Chris Dobe

Networking, networking, networking. Getting an insight on what agents are looking for from the two agents that came to class was extremely valuable information. The value of meeting so many authors, hearing their experiences, getting a story critiqued by them, and working with them in class goes far beyond the price of admission.

Memorable Quotes from the Class of 2001

“You’re not the seed of my loins.”
—Terry Brooks

“I was just waiting for the chainsaw to come out…or his pants to come down.”
—Keith Demanche

“I didn’t want to see him again…I didn’t want to see him in the first place.”
—Danny Llinas

“It’s so dumb!…I mean that in a good way.”
—Rebecca Shelley

“Between the crowbar and the shotgun in his pants, he’s going to have a hard time walking.”
—Laurie Lemieux

“I liked that there were no firearms.”
—Pamela Metcalf-Harrington

“Wolves shouldn’t be bad guys.”
—Jason Allard

“I feel qualified to talk about evil people, being one myself.”
—David Barr Kirtley

“No one lets you get away with anything in here, not even the treasure under a dragon’s ass.”
—Jennifer Weideman

“I was the Salman Rushdie of Star Wars.”
—Bob Salvatore

“I don’t know how much you’ve thought about beating someone to death with an arm…”
—Jo Weddell

“I enjoyed reading it. It was short.”
—Rob Bland

“Maybe I’m just a fan of darkness and pain.”
—Sarah Kelderman

“It wasn’t intoxicating…it was like the morning after.”
—Susan Sielinski

“I like the suggestion about maybe popping his eyes out at the end.”
—David Corwell

“He’s smarter than your average wolf.”
—Jim Hall

“Kissing, kissing, kissing. I’d rather be beaten to death with a bloody arm.”
—Darren Moore