Graduates' Experiences

Various Odyssey students have recorded their experiences at the workshop and their writing efforts since graduation. If you want to know what it’s like to attend Odyssey and what effect the workshop has had on those who have attended, you can read their accounts below.

Avione Lee

Class of 2022

The Yellowbrick Writing Road

Marie Croke

Class of 2020

The Breakdown of Being “Too”

Marc Emerson

Class of 2020

How to Get the Most Out of Odyssey

Vikram Ramakrishnan

Class of 2020

The Reader Comes First

F. P. Rahe

Class of 2020

My Odyssey Experience

Katherine McMullen Yañez

Class of 2021

Odyssey:  A Storytelling Jumpstart

Aleksandra Hill

Class of 2020
Explains how the Odyssey Writing Workshop helped her view her own work.

Libby Barringer

Class of 2020

Is Odyssey the Right Workshop for You?

Malcolm Carvalho

Class of 2021

How Odyssey made him more aware of the nuts and bolts of the craft.

Julian K. Jarboe

Class of 2018
Explains how to know when the time is right to attend the Odyssey Writing Workshop.

Rebecca Kuang

Class of 2016

Explains how Odyssey overturned some of her major assumptions about writing, filled her head with mind-blowing revelations, and gave her the tools to improve her writing.

Richard Errington

Class of 2016

Describes the experience of “writing out of our comfort zones, hitting deadlines, and bringing a new critical eye on each other’s pieces” and urges other writers to “Come to Odyssey and discover the writer that you’ve always known you could be.”

Arley Sorg

Class of 2014

Describes how skepticism over whether he’d actually learn anything at the workshop quickly turned to surprise: “I was shocked by how much I had learned. I was disturbed by how much I hadn’t actually known. I was upended!”

B. Lynch

Class of 2015
Describes the Odyssey  experience-the hard work, progress, inside jokes, and camaraderie: “In these kind, funny, humble, caring writers, I found kindred spirits who spoke my hidden language.”

Katherine Hall van der Vliet

Class of 2013

Describes the “revolutionary” experience of attending Odyssey 2013, how it taught her more than she learned in her university studies, energized her writing, and helped her reconnect with the craft.

Martin Larsson

Class of 2011
Describes the full impact of The Discovery that he made at Odyssey in “They Kept on to Their Journey’s End, Or Random Thoughts from an OdFellow, Class of 2011.”

Zoe Zygmunt

Class of 2010
Describes her epic quest to improve her writing, including the call to action, meeting the mentor, tests and trials, gathering allies, and returning with the elixir in “How I spent my summer vacation or how Odyssey changed my life.”

Meagan Spooner

Class of 2009
Describes how she overcame her fear to make the most of her Odyssey experience and went on to sell six books in the two years following the workshop.

erin hoffman

Erin Hoffman

Class of 2005
Describes the power of learning “What You Don’t Know” and how the lessons learned at Odyssey continue to help her years later.

Gerald Warfield

Class of 2010
Relates some of the details of living, surviving, and thriving at Odyssey in “What It Was Like.”

Rhiannon Held

Class of 2006
Explains how “Learning to Learn” at Odyssey made all the difference.hop.

Peter Simonson

Class of 2009
Explains how he learned answers to questions he didn’t know he needed to ask in “Moments of Odyssey.”

Sherry Peters

Class of 2005
Describes how Odyssey helped her overcome her biggest challenge: procrastination.

Jason S. Ridler

Class of 2005
Describes his efforts to put everything he learned at Odyssey into one story, in “To Experiment is to Grow.”

Rebecca Shelley

Class of 2001
Explains how lectures, guests, and critiques all combined to help in her goal of “Getting the Vision onto the Paper.”

Lane Robins

Class of 1999
Relates her experiences in college creative writing workshops and compares what she learned in them to what she learned at Odyssey.

Barbara Ashford

Barbara Campbell

Class of 2000
Describes her struggle to get her first novel into publishable shape and how Odyssey helped, in “Odyssey: A Never-Ending Experience.”

Elaine Isaak

Class of 1997
Describes how she learned to write short stories at Odyssey, and how the feedback she received eventually led to the publication of her first novel, in “Sculpting with Words: My Odyssey Experience.”

David J. Schwartz

Class of 1996
Describes the workshopping process at Odyssey, to give prospective students a sense of what to expect. If you are applying to Odyssey, you should read this article, whether you have participated in other workshops or not.

James Hall

Class of 2001
Gives an account of the workshop in a weekly series of articles written for Blue Ear Books.

Laurie Lanzdorf

Class of 2000
Describes the structure and workload of the workshop in “Odyssey 2000: Experience of a Workshop.”

Carl Frederick

Class of 2000
Describes what he learned from Odyssey, and how his workshop experience helped him become a first-place winner in The Writers of the Future contest.

Carrie Vaughn

Class of 1998
Reveals the most important thing she learned at the workshop, and how that insight has led to a string of fiction sales.

Morgan Hua

Class of 1998
Attended Odyssey and previously attended the Clarion Writing Workshop, compares the two workshops in an article, “Clarion versus Odyssey,” written for Speculations magazine.

Stephen Chambers

Stephen Chambers

Class of 1998
Describes his experience of the workshop (at the age of 17) and how it helped lead to his two-book deal with Tor (at 18).

Julia Duncan

Class of 1998
Wrote an in-depth article about attending Odyssey in 1998, being critiqued by writer-in-residence Harlan Ellison, and what she learned from it, in “Harlan’s Week at Odyssey.”

Lynda E. Rucker

Class of 1997
Attended Odyssey’s first session and tells of her progress at the workshop and since then, in both short and long fiction.