Odyssey Class of 2002

4th Row: Dan Herrington, Robert Cutchin, Frederick Gaige, Joe Berwanger, Dave Stier
3rd Row: Patricia Carvacho, Genya Freeman
2nd Row: Geoffrey Jacoby, Luisa Prieto, Michael Snell, Robert Pickering
1st Row: Jennifer Winston, Nancy Glover, Ashley Armstrong, Sarah Gabbey, Jeanne Cavelos

Ashley Armstrong

By the end of week one, I was trying to recruit my writer friends for next year. I can’t let them miss this chance

Joe Berwanger

Odyssey has been the most profound, helpful experience in my early fiction-writing career. Jeanne is a multi-talented pro who has the unique mix of talent, passion, and personality to help writers churn their best ideas into living and breathing stories.

Patricia Carvacho

After coming to Odyssey, I have a much clearer understanding of what I need to work on to improve my writing, and where my strengths lie. It’s been an invaluable opportunity to learn and make connections in the field—not to mention great friends. I feel privileged to have been a part of this great workshop.

Robert Cutchin

I volunteered to walk through hell, and its name was Odyssey. The trip was worth it. If you’re serious about writing, Odyssey’s the place for you. Lazy writers need not apply.

Genya Freeman

Sarah Gabbey

I learned more in six weeks at Odyssey than in a year of college creative writing classes.

Frederick H. Gaige

Odyssey was an amazing experience for me. It was highly intense, and I learned that I could handle the intensity. I am amazed at how much was packed into six weeks. I am energized by the experience and have been able to plot out my future as a writer.

Nancy Glover

I am acutely aware of what areas of my writing need improvement.

Dan Harrington

Odyssey exceeded all my expectations. Jeanne is the best reason to apply to the program. Her critiques and lectures are incredibly insightful. I learned something new from her every day. Odyssey provides a challenging but supportive environment for new writers, and I couldn’t be happier that I got to attend.

Geoffrey Jacoby

Truthful and helpful—the standard by which Jeanne critiques. Everything said here, whether in praise, in criticism, or in lecture, is said to make you a better writer. It’s amazing watching your fellow students transform before your eyes. Almost as amazing as the realization that you’ve come just as far.

Robert Pickering

The perfect combination of instruction, networking, insider information, and raw writing. No other experience in writing compares.

Luisa Prieto

Coming to Odyssey was the best thing I could’ve done for my writing.

Michael Snell

Dave Stier

If you want to learn about short story writing, Odyssey is the place to go. Six weeks of hard work, but worth every cent and lost hours of sleep.

Jennifer Winston

Memorable Quotes from the Class of 2002

“Plague genre.”
—John Clute

“You have to be reader friendly, but you don’t have to be a reader slut.”
—Charles de Lint

“James + Darius 4ever.”
—The Gang

“I found it strange that Darius had only two sins to confess for the last ‘leven years, and they both involved James.”
—Robert Cutchin

“I agree with the people who liked it and the people who didn’t like it.”
—Robert Pickering

“I like demons.”
—Joe Berwanger

“Demons a la carte.”
—Sarah Gabbey

On SPAWN: “The demons throw him from hell to earth, so it can happen.”
—Joe Berwanger

“Oh, darn. My evil plot failed.”
—Ashley Armstrong

“Haigh Fantasy.”
—Ashley Armstrong

“I didn’t like it, but it was powerful.”
—Robert Cutchin

“I wanted to go hang myself this was so depressing.”
—Robert Pickering

“Your writing is very strong. That is why it depressed me so deeply.”
—Luisa Prieto

On lack of plausibility when “The evil overlord tells himself his evil plans because he’s on drugs.”
—Genya Freeman

“I only saw your setting when someone tripped over it.”
—Ashley Armstrong

“You lost me when Satan showed up.”
—Geoffrey Jacoby

“Destroy a city or something.”
—Ashley Armstrong

“I was kind of amused by the holy smackdown.”
—Luisa Prieto

“Here’s my throbbing staff.”
—R. A. Salvatore

“There’s some gorgeous stuff here. You just have to do something with it and make it fantastic.”
—Ashley Armstrong

“I hope you all get published, because I’d like to share the pain.”
—R. A. Salvatore

“What’s original is perspective and execution.”
—R. A. Salvatore

“I didn’t fully understand what they did with his brain and why he was so happy about it.”
—Patty Carvacho

“I was desperate for an info dump.”
—Dan Herrington

“He’s just got to grow some balls and force them to walk the proverbial plank.”
—Patty Carvacho

“You keep writing about my family.”
—Patty Carvacho to Jennifer Winston

“I wanted to pick it up, go over to your townhouse, and beat you over the head with it.”
—Genya Freeman

“My head exploded from excessive three-letter acronmyns on page 11.”
—Robert Pickering

“I don’t think I’ve ever been so confused by a first page.”
—Genya Freeman

“There’s always a conveniently placed catacomb of tunnels with a conveniently placed fan.”
—Geoffrey Jacoby

“My spaceship had a problem.”
—Genya Freeman

“You could be writing lucid prose and still confuse the crap out of us.”
—Thomas F. Monteleone

“I don’t believe the coat would hang out with him.”
—Luisa Prieto

“Everything I know about vampires I learned from Buffy.”
—Geoffrey Jacoby

“I wasn’t sure what the lesbian snake symbolized.”
—Robert Cutchin

“I was a teenage goth.”
—Sarah Gabbey

“Middle-aged mutant ninja brainsucker.”
—Robert Cutchin

“There was no criticism of anybody’s shoes.”
—Frederick Gaige

“Most of the time she’s watching Don Juan’s ass. She should have priorities.”
—Patricia Carvacho

“I wanted more of Don Juan.”
—Dan Harrington

“If I fell in love with Genya and got kicked out of a society because of that…”
—Luisa Prieto