Rebecca Shelley

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Getting the Vision onto the Paper

Rebecca Shelley is the author of Red Dragon Codex and Brass Dragon Codex under the pen name R. D. Henham.

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I’ve always been a writer, all my life, but not a very effective one until I attended Odyssey.  At Odyssey I learned how to get the story that was in my head onto paper in a way that readers could understand and enjoy.  I learned more about the business of writing in six weeks than I had in the previous ten years.

Jeanne Cavelos is a wonderful teacher.  She covered everything from the big picture (structure, characterization, setting, plot) to the tiniest details (where to put commas, semicolons, and ellipses).  I came away with a much better understanding of the written word and a confidence that I had never before experienced.

Another aspect I really enjoyed was having the guest authors and agents as well as the author in residence.  They brought an extra dimension of learning and information that broadened my writing knowledge and ability.

When I went to Odyssey, I was hungry for critiques from people who understood the genres I loved and wanted to write in.  All previous feedback I had gotten on my writing had been from teachers and professors who loathed fantasy, horror, and science fiction.  They knew nothing about the genres, and their critiques were not helpful in any way. I was so relieved to get with a group of accomplished writers who would read my stories and give me feedback that was relevant and helpful.  I learned so much from the other Odyssey attendees and continue to learn so much them.  Even after the six weeks of formal classes were over, the Odyssey training and feedback continued over the years.  The value of that association cannot be overlooked.

I am thankful I got the chance to attend Odyssey.  I’m sure I never would have gotten my books published without that training.  Odyssey is a wonderful program, and I recommend it to everyone who is serious about a writing career.

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