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    Plan for Success

    Do you want the plan without the need for accountability? Then the Plan for Success package is the one for you. This is a one-time, one-hour coaching session. Together, we will formulate the plan and the steps you need to achieve your writing goals.

    • One 60 minute coaching session.
    • All sessions are done by phone, Google+, FaceTime, or Skype
    • One …
  • Coaching

    The Block-Buster

    The Block-Buster is a 3-month package. In the Block-Buster, we will set out the specific path and steps needed for you to reach your goal at the end of those three months. Each session will be comprised of accountability on the action steps, addressing road-blocks, and strengthening commitment.


    • Nine 30-45 minute coaching sessions
    • Your choice of a copy of Silencing Your …
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    The Novel Writer

    The Novel Writer is a more flexible coaching package. In the Novel Writer, we focus each session on whatever is most important to you on that day, from writing apathy to life-stresses, and everything in-between. In the Novel Writer, you will receive 15 coaching sessions to use as you like for your perfect timing.


    • One 60 minute Discovery Session.
    • Fifteen …